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The Inti Raymi or Festival of the Sun

The Inti Raymi or Festival of the Sun in Cusco, Peru

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INTI RAYMI Winter solstice Sun`s Festival -Full Day on June 24 -Group Service.

The Inti Raymi or Festival of the Sun was an Inca ceremony that took place on an annual basis in Cusco, the capital of Tawantinsuyo, between the end of the harvest period and the beginning of the vernal equinox of the Andes, ie in the second half of June. The Inti Raymi at the time of the Incas was the equivalent of what today is for us the New Year festival. This was a party at which a new year began and ended all the previous “crop year” between the months of May to June, and also began the new agricultural cycle from July, so the period since the last week of June and early July was a period of transition from an old agricultural year to a new one, then the party was dedicated to that event.

Inti Raymi ( The Great Festival of the Sun), Festival of the magnificent ritual of the Sun in the esplanade of Sacsayhuaman where you will be able to apprecciate the most venerated Incas celebration.

On June 24 th, the feast in honor of the Sun God, is made in the three historic and natural settings usually used for staging:

1.- The Qorikancha (Siege of gold): In Inca times was the main temple dedicated to the sun.
2.- The Plaza de Armas (or Plaza Auqaypata or Warrior Square): During the Inca Empire, this vast square was used for the ceremony, which took place entirely in the great ushnu or ceremonial platform.
3.- Saqsaywaman (voice which derives from the Quechua words “saqsay” and “waman” which translated into Spanish means “falcon, satiate”). This impressive archaeological site is located at 3,555 meters above the sea level, and one kilometer from the Inca Qolqanpata neighborhood. Final staging – acts (Saqsaywaman)

– 9:00 hrs Qorikancha: Home of the staging. Duration 30 minutes.
– 11:00 hrs. Auqaypata (Square): The lnka and her royal retinue, enter the street K’ijllu Inti. Duration 45 minutes.
– 13:30 hrs. Main ceremony. 90 minutes.

• Ceremonial Initiation
• Report the 4 Regions: Qollasuyu, Kuntisuyu, Antisuyu and Chinchaysuyu.
• Ritual of the sacred Chicha a corn drink
• Ritual of the Holy Fire
• Sacrifice of the llama (Andean cameloid) and auguries.
• Rite of Sankhu (holy bread)
• Q’ochurikuy ( Dances and music )

PRICE :US$ 220.00 per person Zone “Orange” and “Blue”
PRICE :US$ 200.00 per person Zone “Green”
(Please once you are booking online write on Notes your preference of Zone.)

Pick up from your hotels
Ceremonies at Qoricancha and Auqaypata.
Admission fee (with reserved seat in Saqsawaman)
Private Transport in and return
Experienced Tour Guide in English
Packed lunch (Vegetarian meals by request)
Ceremony brochure and DVD.

How to reserve and book:
Book online and pay a deposit or full price.
Please provide your Hotel name in Cusco for your pick up.
Pick up time at 07:45 am from your Hotels.

Program Itinerary


Day 1:

8.00 a.m. Pick up from your hotels, then our group scorted by an experienced guide walk for 5 minutes to Koricancha, the main temple of the Sun at Incas times, where the ceremony in honor to the sun begins with amazing leather drums, pututus and flutes music. It is said that Koricancha temple had a golden garden decorated with plants and animals made in silver and gold, here the first ritual and speech of the Sapa Inka will start honoring the Sun and mother nature Pachamama. We will follow and admire a procession of the Inca and her wife carried in litters and his court with priest priestesses, parents and noble Incas toward the famous Huaccaypata, Cusco´s actual main Plaza.. The Sapa Inka and his real priestesses and guards enter by the street Intikijllu this takes approx 1 hour. Then the group with your guide are transfered in a private transport to the Sacsayhuaman Esplanade.

At13:00 p.m. The main Inca ceremony will continue in a prepared stage in the middle of the esplanade of Sacsayhuaman a famous Inca site. The presentation is approx 90 minutes where the the Sapa Inka will give a speach in the ancestral Inca´s language, Quechua ; Rituals and offering of chicha, a corn beer and a ceremony of the new fire celebrated by the Inca priest, afterward an Inca priest will predict the future of the Andean Tawantinsuyo people.

16:15 p.m., Return to Cusco and transfer to the hotels.

Booking Information

  • HOW TO BOOK.- Select the month and date and click on the Calendar the Departure Date (Leaving Date) Then fill out with your personal details and details of your group. (If you are travelling as a couple, or with more persons you must book and pay with one reservation Code.) But please complete details of your companion on lines below: Travelling with: (write Full names, Passport number, Age and Nationality). Once you finish sending us all your details you will receive a Reservation Code (eg: 240616001). Then you just need to pay your deposit online on  (pay for 2 or more person in your group with ONE reservation code,
  • BOOKING DEPOSIT REQUIRED.- USD$ 100.00 per person.
  • 1.- Pay online on Step 3 a booking deposit with VISA or Mastercard.- US$ 105.00 per person. (US$ 100+5% card fee). Payments by credit card will carry a surcharge of 5%.
  • 2.- Pay on Step 3 a booking deposit with Paypal.- US$ 106.00 per person. (US$ 100+6% card fee. Payments by Paypal will carry a surcharge of 6%. Or full cost of the tour including the 5% or 6%. If you book as a group please pay with one reservation code.
  • Please remember that seats for this Festival are limited and need to reserve and purchase in advance.
  • FINAL PAYMENT: We require a full payment of your tour transferring 1 month before OR pay in our office in Cusco 5-3 days before of your departure date in USD$ cash.
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The Inti Raymi or Festival of the Sun in Cusco, Peru


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